The group has been able to cope efficiently with the Covid crisis and coils are reaching all our customers in Europe in time



In spite of the disruption of economic activity caused by the corona virus pandemic in recent months, we are glad to say that our company has been coping well with the current situation. We have been able to quickly put in place the required measures in order to produce our prepainted steel with  maximum guarantees for the safety of our production staff.

We have also quickly organized home office work for our office employees, and this system is still working efficiently and accurately.

Our logistics is coping well both with road and sea transport to bring our coils to our different customers in Europe in a timely and reliable way.

This enables our 3 prepainted factories to fulfill  the commitments we have both at national and international level, in our major markets.

We thank you for your trust in these difficult times and are willing to keep on supporting you as much as we can for your coated steel needs in the coming months.