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The group has donated more than 400,000 masks to different institutions up to now

Network Steel Resources (NSR) maintains a policy of active contribution in the fight against the spread of the Covid-19 virus, collaborating with various institutions to make basic health equipment available to health professionals and other essential services for citizens. Until now, the NSR group has donated a total of 416,650 sanitary masks to numerous groups. These include more than 190,000 masks delivered to different hospitals throughout Spain. Likewise, basic services for citizens, such as the Civil Guard, National Police, Army, Firefighters and others, received more than 96,000 masks. Another 17,000 were donated to diverse companies from the steel sector, in which the NSR group also operates, while different state administrations and charities have received some 114,000. These donations add to the deliveries of sanitary protective suits and respirators, among other equipment, that the group gave to different groups shortly after the pandemic was declared.