The Villadangos plant Will also play a decisive role for the sustainability o fan area at risk of depopulation

February 2020-. The effort in environmental matters carried out by the Network Steel group (NSR) has been recognized by the Junta de Castilla y Leon in a public act carried out in Valladolid. The Minister of Development and Environment of the Board, Juan Carlos Suárez- Quiñones, presented Juan Antonio Mateo, CEO of the NSR group; a plaque commemorating the board´s Environmental Authorization obtained last year by the group´s industrial area: Coated Solutions.

During the act, the counselor pointed out that the commitment to environmental sustainability is a commitment that implies “competitiveness and quality”. While it is a requirement of citizens. Suarez- Quiñones recalled that to obtain the Environmental Authorization of the board, companies must point out possible environmental risks in their production processes and accredit the updating of effective protocols to prevent and minimize them.
For his part, the CEO of NSR highlighted the environmental effort made by the group in all its plants in the Iberian peninsula, and pointed out the significant investment recently made by Villadangos del Paramo in a recycling plant that will optimize acid use in the steel pickling process. Juan Antonio Mateo also underlined the decisive role that the Leon plant- whose start-up is inminent- will play for the sustainability of the area, by offering new wconomic alternatives to areas at risk of depopulation.

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